This website has been created to help those living with domestic abuse to recognise the symptoms, and to find support services to help them change their situations, whether that is leaving or staying.  We also have a section for professionals with information on services, agencies and procedures to ensure they can give the best possible support to their clients.

Domestic abuse is a common (but unfortunately hidden) issue, where people of either gender – adults, teenagers and children suffer or are forced through physical, emotional, financial or other manipulation to change their behaviour by those who should be most supportive of them; girlfriend or boyfriend, husbands, wives or civil partners, partners, ex partners, or family members - for example parents, siblings or relatives in law. 

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  • Revenge Porn to be made illegal in UK

    The publication of intimate sexual images or  "revenge porn" as it is termed is to become a new offence punishable by up to two years in prison. The new legislation, which is currently going through Parliament, will cover any private sexual image of someone that is circulated, both on and offline, without their consent and designed to cause distress. Link to the story in the Independent here.

  • Raising awareness of domestic abuse issues through storylines on the BBC

    This is not the first DA storyline that we have seen on the TV but it is one of the first featuring a lesbian couple and according to the charity Broken Rainbow who were asked to advise the BBC on their current storyline involving Tosh & Tina it is a great opportunity to get the subject of LGBT domestic violence into the public domain.  Link to Pink News story here. or tweet @brokenrainbow

  • Research: 20% fall into poverty after separation.

    Reseacrh undertaken by Essex University funded by the Nuffield Foundation, has found that 20% of mothers and their children fall into poverty after a relationship breakdown. Read more at the Nuffield Foundation site here.

    Source: NSPCC CASPAR

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