This website has been created to help those living with domestic abuse to recognise the symptoms, and to find support services to help them change their situations, whether that is leaving or staying.  We also have a section for professionals with information on services, agencies and procedures to ensure they can give the best possible support to their clients.

Domestic abuse is a common (but unfortunately hidden) issue, where people of either gender – adults, teenagers and children suffer or are forced through physical, emotional, financial or other manipulation to change their behaviour by those who should be most supportive of them; girlfriend or boyfriend, husbands, wives or civil partners, partners, ex partners, or family members - for example parents, siblings or relatives in law. 

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  • Madina Landsberg murder case: Life sentence for her husband

    A husband who murdered his wife while on bail for assaulting her has received a life sentence and will spend at least 13 and a half years in prison. The body of Madina Landsberg, 31, was found at a house in Hatfield, Hertfordshire on 10 June.

    Dexter Landsberg, 34, was convicted at St Albans Crown Court after previously entering a not guilty plea in September but eventually admitting murder earlier this month.

    Mrs Landsberg had made claims of domestic violence to Hertfordshire Police and her husband had been arrested just months before she died.

    The case is also being reviewed by the IPCC.

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    The family of a Madina Landsberg have set up a charity to educate young people about "the difference between love and abuse". Her aunt Kay Hunda said Death Is Not A Solution (DINAS) would teach people how to recognise domestic abuse. Read more here

  • Domestic violence victims’ access to legal aid ‘unlawfully restricted’

    Domestic violence victims’ access to legal aid ‘unlawfully restricted’ Rights campaigners claim mandatory evidence requirements block 40% of women affected by violence from getting legal aid.
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  • Picture Book helps learning disabled deal with Domestic Abuse

    The BBC News Ouch page explains how two picture books about domestic abuse have been published for adults with learning disabilities. A new book entitled When Dad Hurts Mum has drawings with muted colours and depicts adult situations - a mum with a bruise on her face for example, and a father getting arrested. There are no words but it's clearly not for children.

    When Dad Hurts Mum is out now and A Safe Place from Domestic Abuse will be published in January 2015

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